fixing savolit wood wool boards

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Mineral bonded wood wool board - Wikipedia Mineral bonded wood wool boards (WW boards) are building boards made of wood wool fibres, water and the binding agents cement, caustic magnesia and gypsum.【Get Price】

Woodwool Slab 600mm x 1200mm | Sustainable | Ecomerchant Woodwool is a building board for carrying lime or clay renders and plasters. The board is breathable "vapour permeable" rot resistant durable. Buy online.【Get Price】

Savolit Plus — Insulation Reinforcement - Anglia Lime Company Cement bound wood wool board for external cladding or internal lining of timber frame walls. Also for use as base board for plastered ceilings,.【Get Price】

Savolit Plus Wood Wool Building Boards | Old House Store Savolit Plus wood wool boards consist of long strong wood fibres, stabilised by chemical impregnation and bound by cement-binding agent into a compact.【Get Price】